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User Info Court of Appeals Speaks: ENOUGH; entered at 2022-09-18 10:34:10
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Registered: 2022-03-27
It would be great in theory for this to get to the USSC and have them resolve it in the way Karl interprets (which is clearly the right outcome for a free society).

But the Fed govt and the large corps they're in bed with seem to either ignore or deviously work around rulings/laws they don't like, so it's hard to be optimistic that even a USSC ruling would make any difference. That said, that isn't what has happened with Dobbs - maybe because it originated in the USSC in the first place, in a bizarre example of judicial activism, or maybe because it's so well known and directly impactful to people that it's impossible to shade it?

My one hope for America has been that the USSC can send enough power back to the States (like they did in Dobbs) so at least the States have legal cover to maintain some level of freedom for people (with the States offering different choices) when the Feds seem headed in the opposite direction.
2022-09-18 10:34:10