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User Info Court of Appeals Speaks: ENOUGH; entered at 2022-09-18 10:00:20
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This case isn't over by a long shot. I fully expect this case to be appealed to the US Supreme Court in the new term.

However, I do not see this case being heard by SCOTUS because as Tickerguy has stated, the Texas law passed constitutional muster at the appellate level while the Florida statute that created a "protected class" was struck down.

I expect this ruling to stand. One more thing - a lot of state legislatures have their new sessions in January. I wonder how many legislators outside Texas are looking at this case and crafting legislation similar to the Texas law. If the Supreme Court allows the law to stand (and I think SCOTUS will let it stand) look for the floodgates to open for this kind of legislation.

Fun times are ahead. Go buy another bag of popcorn and get a brick of butter ready!
2022-09-18 10:00:20