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User Info The Simple Facts On Equities And Debt; entered at 2022-09-16 08:55:31
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Registered: 2021-07-14 Canada
In my simple way of thinking, one impression I've had in recent years is that the stock market is so manipulated that it won't crash unless those in control want it to crash. Naturally this is based on my not understanding the inner workings of the market.

If 2 1/2 years of covid have taught us anything it is that rule of law no longer exists in the West. Those in authority ignore basic rules and make up whatever rules they like. Is it possible for them to suspend "supply and demand" permanently by simply rigging everything? I'm pretty sure reality has the final say.

Are rising rates all that it will take to inject reality, as in a 50% value drop?

Could the Fed, by cutting rates at the first sign of crisis, manipulate the market so there isn't a big crash?

Also wondering if TG, or anyone else, has any idea of the timing for when this really shatters.
2022-09-16 08:55:31