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User Info The Simple Facts On Equities And Debt; entered at 2022-09-16 08:40:34
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Registered: 2021-07-14 Canada
I try to point out to people that even the largest corporations are loaded with debt. I don't actually know this but for me it's common sense. If practically every person in society wants to take on debt then all the businesses - run by similar people - will also grab all the credit they can get.

Thus, in my grocery store, the only money which stays in the community is employee salaries. Everything else is gone but not to some big vault at head office. It's really gone, to upper management and investors.

When my store did major renovations, they didn't go to the big vault in Montreal and take out a million dollars to pay for it. Instead they got a line of credit. Took on more debt to pay for the work.

If I'm understanding this correctly then all these corporations really are nothing more than giant parasites. If I'm incorrect, I'll appreciate other posters correcting me.
2022-09-16 08:40:34