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User Info The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine; entered at 2022-09-05 22:32:44
Posts: 7
Registered: 2021-11-02
People trust their doctors. You can show them all the facts you want but if their doctor says "take the shot" they will. We need to put the doctors "On The Spot". Ask any doctor the "Pro or Ho" question.

Is your doctor a medical professional or a paid whore for the pharma cartel? A simple question for your doctor to determine if they are a "Pro or Ho":

"Should healthy children under the age of 12 get the shots?".

If the answer isn't "NO" then you have a "Ho". There is no "yes" or "it depends". The IFR for healthy kids is so far to the right of the decimal that they have a statistically ZERO chance of dying from covid. It is of zero benefit for them to get the shots. It also is of zero benefit to anyone else because they will still get it and transmit it, injected or not.

2022-09-05 22:32:44