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User Info The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine; entered at 2022-09-01 16:37:24
Posts: 48
Registered: 2021-11-29 Wash. St.
I am going to send this Ticker on the customer satisfaction survey that my clinics overlords recently sent out. Definitely not satisfied, will not be returning as I do not trust them. The Gov in WA has doubled down on vax / booster mandates and has made health care nearly impossible. But then again we all know who were the ones lining up for this poison and the are starting to drop. Just like Karl has discussed , the 2-5 year time frame is starting to look punishing for the covidians. Hell just found out one of my former coworkers dropped dead last weekend. He always claimed that they have given out billions of doses worldwide and folks are not dying. Well hmmmm.
2022-09-01 16:37:24