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User Info The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine; entered at 2022-09-01 12:57:37
Posts: 126
Registered: 2016-09-28 North Dakota
It's a religion. the psyop has worked and worked well unfortunately. I went from ND to Texas to visit stepdad and mom (stepdad developed "sudden" stage 4 cancer very soon after his quaccine - I tried to warn them).

He's done with chemo and riding it out. Fine, his choice. Mom is aging out and starting to get dementia - so patient repetition is a thing.

I attempted to have a discussion with my sister, a recent retired school teacher whom simply *CANNOT* believe the medical establishment would do what I was stating to her (proofs from here and other places).

Turned into a pretty animated discussion - when I casually asked if teachers should teach students *HOW* to think and not *WHAT* to think - that sent her over the edge - very pissed at me.

I provided evidence to her on masks, VAERS db, stuff from here - she wouldn't even look at it.

Did not believe people - young athletes, kids have died from the vaccine. I stated there's evidence if you actually look.

She said she's seen nothing on TV..... eye rolls.

It's a religion - people simply cannot change their mind based off objective fact.

Her argument coming back to me was "well, that's YOUR truth" - to whit I said "truth is truth, their is no 'ownership' of truth - truth by definition is truth".

Her response was - you guessed it "well that's YOUR truth".

just wow.
2022-09-01 12:57:37