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User Info The Bottom Line On Trust and Medicine; entered at 2022-09-01 09:59:05
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This posting has the opposite effect on me than most. It is becoming less and less likely to me that there is some nefarious agenda to wipe us all out or to sterilize us. I think guys like Scott Gottlieb and others are pushing these shots simply because they are so in love with their own ideas that they simply cannot image they can be wrong. Guys like Scott Gottlieb remind of the kids in college working on a group project where someone has a brain-fart and everyone else in the group piles on to it as the good idea, then carry forward from that point on.

There is a lot of fraud involved in the development, testing, and roll out of these shots. But it strikes me as the exact same kind of fraud that drove Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. These people are the elite school children who went to the Ivy Leagues and have been told their entire lives that they are special, their ideas are special, and that they cannot fail as long as they believe in themselves. Then the "ladder climbing" that is part and parcel of rising up through the ranks of large organizations tend to select for the most sociopathic and narcissistic personalities of these people.

This pattern was becoming evident in many of our institutions by the end of Clinton's second term ('99-'00 period). (I recently ordered and watch the movie "Hannibal", which is the Ridley Scott version of the Hannibal Lector movies that came out in early 2001 (filming was in summer of 2000). Unlike the 1991 movie with Jody Foster, this one depicted the FBI as being comprised mainly of narcissist and corrupt bureaucrats. I think this movie's depiction of the FBI is representative of many of our government agencies at the time.

I think its become much worse over the past 20 years.
2022-09-01 09:59:05