Experts: Antibodies DO NOT PERSIST, Don't Trust Infection!
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2022-08-04 19:42 by Karl Denninger
in Covid-19 , 3805 references Ignore this thread
Experts: Antibodies DO NOT PERSIST, Don't Trust Infection!
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As those of you know who read my column almost exactly one year ago I got Covid.  Delta, in fact.

All the so-called "experts" said that your IgG titer would disappear within months, and thus after three months you really ought to get jabbed.

Bluntly: They lied.


I ran this a few minutes ago.

That is a quite-strong IgG titer.  It has been one year, almost exactly, and that is arguably stronger in terms of IgG than what it was about 2 weeks after I recovered.  At the time I also, as expected, had an IgM titer.  That is obviously now gone as it should be.

To Fauci, Birx, all those who tried to coerce (and who did in many cases) those who had Covid-19 and recovered: FUCK YOU.

I will never believe another word out of the NIH or CDC's mouths.  Ever.  Every one of you is a lying sack of shit.  That goes double for EVERY so-called "medical professional" who ran that same bullshit.  Nor will I believe anything out of VanderCUNT, Johns FuckYouInTheAsskins, or any other so-called "expert" when it comes to such matters.  EVER.  That goes double for every single politician who did and still is pushing these goddamned jabs including Governor Lee, DeSATAN, Trump-Limp-Dick and Brandon, the latter two of which are especially singled out for Hell and I look forward to the day you meet Satan.

You are ALL lying sacks of shit, you had no reason to believe you were telling the truth because you can't opine on what hasn't happened yet without it being anything more than a guess.

Well, this is not a guess.  This is fact.

It is proof that I have IgG antibodies circulating in my blood right here, right now, today and I was infected exactly once almost precisely one year ago.

In fact I still have a photograph of that test with a nice timestamp on it.  This IgG read is stronger than the one I had two weeks post-recovery, implying that my protection was still building at that time and has not materially waned over the entire year since.

I laugh at your fearmongering and the stupidity of all who listened to you.

I lick doorknobs. All those who made the claims that I should get jabbed CAN SUCK MY KNOB.

PS: Who would you like to listen to now?  One of the few who got it right 90%+ of the time from the first weeks of Covid when Diamond Princess was in the news and Trump was still being impeached, or the people with all the letters after their names that got almost every single fucking thing wrong also got a million Americans dead, and they're not done with making people dead yet either given all the injuries from their "magic shots and pills!"  Witness Biden who did everything they said to do and can't shake the damn disease!