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User Info There Is A Sickness That Haunts The Western World; entered at 2022-07-31 18:13:44
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As long as we're digging up ancient history, I was born in '63. I was never particularly bright. The nuns were always extremely disappointed as well as bewildered that I didn't have a quick, mathematics inclined mind as my eldest brother. It seemed with everything, I struggled. Maybe just dumb-it happens.

HOWEVER, I survived the system, and for what it's worth, managed to secure a bachelor's and master's degree. Don't ask me why/if that's important-it isn't.

What I DID learn after all that desk sitting time, was HOW TO THINK! It's served me well over the years. One need not by bright, but knowing how to disect an argument, and counter it, with relative ease, for me is the hallmark of an educated person. We, in my opinion, are in a small minority in America.
2022-07-31 18:13:44