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User Info There Is A Sickness That Haunts The Western World; entered at 2022-07-31 15:23:30
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Registered: 2013-02-13 Washington state
Growing up, our school essentially divided everyone into the white collar potential, blue collar potential and the 'well, they gotta get through somehow but we don't have much hope for 'em' divisions. Part was based on your address, part on your presumed resources and part, well, I have no idea. I was put into the 'white collar/college bound' group. It was done somewhere between K-3rd grade stage. Dunno how they determined this, but I suspect it may have been address. (I was in one of those new-fangled, SFH developments that was encroaching on the pasture land)

But wrt the Sickness. It's certainly plain to see that 'something' is affecting a wide swath of the Western World. Personally, I see it as somewhat of a confirmation of what I might call a Biblical world view. (not a religious one necessarily) It is reasonable to associate what we're seeing (and what is being seen even by the non religious/ non Biblical amongst us) might be the expected outcome of spiritual warfare and collective avoidance of dealing with God. Others might attribute it to worldwide communications and social media being so prevalent.

However, the uniformity of what is essentially global (ok, at least 1st world however you define it) coupled with the speed and lockstep of control is what tips it toward the supernatural realm for me. Human beings aren't that smart, nor that coordinated, or that quick short of a supernatural influence. The mechanism is invisible, the results are self evident to anyone who is looking.

Humans can be pretty 'sick' apart from God and yes, many can invoke God and thereby taint the concept of God but if Evil exists and is evident, then I believe that Evil can be one of the stronger evidences of God. Not that God is evil but that there is an Opposition. YMMV.
2022-07-31 15:23:30