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User Info Time to CUT OFF China; entered at 2022-07-31 10:17:33
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Left out something else.

Decade after fucking decade if not more often we have to bail out union shit time after time and many times the corporate scum under which they operate their scams.

Ever notice something? Take for example the large Ameri-shit auto manufacturers. They are the culmination of a lot of buy-up and consolidation of once smaller and independent concerns if not the outright closing of other small concerns. Britain had something similar, and our societies parallel in many regards.

This probably made sense even without monopolistic and other scam actions as economies of scale made sense with more expensive technologies and compliance.

Here is something which our current state of locking in behemoths of companies and labor disallows.

Hate Tesla for the bullshit and uneconomic idea, but another thing is apparent. On a significantly smaller scale the operation managed to meet all of the other standards and requirements for a road legal vehicle. Why? Technology which also helps offshore competition allows for less investment to design, model and test and create manufacturing processes. Much of this is computer driven and small scale machine works, something once unheard.

Large companies are less necessary to be able to afford to create new things and only hold position by playing political games. There is no doubt in my mind that a small concern led by our Karl could use his computer and technological skill to completely design and build a car and predict exactly how it will pass even crash testing before the first unit is built.

We have the technology to abandon certain once necessary economies of scale. The large concerns know this and would rather keep a dysfunctional manufacturing economy along with their unions to prevent the realization of this threat. It is openly discussed.

The Japanese and later the Chinese have proven adept at reverse engineering superior products and improving them using even older versions of the technology available to us now. The Chinese proved themselves so good at copying, fooling even engineers from original equipment manufacturers, that they were hired to produce these same items for said OEMs.

Most people have not seen something which i have. Some major and minor components for some of the fine automobiles from Japan which we all know and love were and still are manufactured in small neighborhood concerns, in many cases family businesses. Their land use zoning is a fascinating study in itself as it brings a lot of viable manufacturing right near and adjacent to where people have their families without pollution and ruin. Why cannot we do so here?

This has broad implications. It means that small concerns for many products of many types can be started across America.

Building our products overseas in slave conditions was a way of preventing a realization of the threat to their interest which can do as described above. By keeping everything under their "brands" they are the end of the funnel and keep their wealth by position having lost their competency and competitiveness. Functioning locally, they would have met this threat from an active workforce and economic activity which could have been steered by upstarts. By killing all or most of that associated with manufacturing on CONUS, there are less resources and functional things in place for an upstart to plugin. As it stands now, it is like building a city in the desert or jungle for that matter. Even the most basic has to be carried in somehow. This high bar keeps out what is a regular occurrence in Asia.

Here is a great example. Let's say that i want to go into business making great disposable razors for the people of Brooklyn, New York. Fair business model to start off, plenty of customer for an inexpensive product. Years ago, there were nearby steel mills where one could find small amounts of steel in what they would have probably considered noise. The society had machine tools everywhere, skilled labor who in retirement might like a few days to try something new. One could go on about all of the stuff being made and sold around. The point is that one could go through a phone book and eventually find everything he needed because there would have been so much going on. Now, it is find an empty building with a bare concrete floor and have to ship the near finished metal over from Asia along with everything else.

By destroying the local resources of functioning materials and manufacturing industries the once necessary behemoths postponed their ultimate deaths by remaining the brands of record. This is why they make products for different markets in different places often in plants in the middle of nowhere, sectioned into plants where it is simply assembly for parts which are cross border or cross oceans. No one place has everything in place. The excuse was that this ties together the world and none will want a war. The reason is that none has the economic resources locally for a complete product to compete with them.

In closing, yea i mean it, we are at the point in technology where small batch manufacturing can equal or exceed, including in cost to consumer, what once up to the early 90s (Asia earlier) required large concerns having the economy of scale. This is also broad from the small to the very large as in it could probably be applied to commercial jet-liners. Everyone is accustomed to large being necessary as they got used to corporate speed (slow) and security as in job.

Who is more innovative? A large concern which needs to sell tens of thousands of nearly the same design and model for close to a decade to make up for its costs, or the small operation profitable selling five thousand of something in a year or so or even much less while it is designing the next iteration of improvements.

The big concerns knew that this was coming for them having seen it in Asia long before and created a whole scam to solidify their positions at the cost of our local competency making it look like something else. It got so ingrained that i sincerely doubt the people taking part in it even recognize of what they are a part or even know the original mission.
2022-07-31 10:17:33