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User Info Time to CUT OFF China; entered at 2022-07-31 08:56:00
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This is China's way of saying that they will do whatever they want. It is cultural. Seeing as being.

I also blame Americans themselves for the situation. We rode our booms and abandoned quality and elegant design. Lots of us said fuck you to American products for Japanese as we got sick of higher prices for shit and the attitude of fuck you and take it.

If we were at the quality of the Japanese when they came on the scene, we would not find ourselves here now.

First we lost industry, fooled ourselves that living with great products was to be assumed without personal capacity, and then got off on getting them cheaper.

Americans considered the Japanese their slaves in popular media reflecting national sentiment. Finding cheaper slaves was hubris which came back to bite. The 80s were a fraud, next era even bigger.

We have low education standards for a reason. Not a conspiracy as there was no reason to push ourselves to greater competency.

Now we have to start off as a third world country with first world tastes.

Who would like to take the baton from those of us saying this for decades?

Oh yea, all of our local graded on the curve scientists and engineers will have the answers. Those of us who did not need it are not going to pull the weight anymore in anything.
2022-07-31 08:56:00