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User Info There Is A Sickness That Haunts The Western World; entered at 2022-07-31 08:52:20
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Registered: 2019-01-27 Redneck Riviera, aka Lower Alabama

An excellent contribution which illuminates a key contributor to many of our current problems.

Modern society has fallen so far that complete strangers now expect, and demand, to be given one of the bags of gold earned by the productive servants.

Indeed, one can rightfully argue that such a change in expectations by too many in the populace contributes greatly to our problems.

In our grandparent's day life was hard. People were thankful to have food on the table every day, even if it meant working yourself half to death to provide it. Quite the contrast to those of today whose expectations are for nothing less than the best, and who, if it isn't provided right away, commence with hysterics knowing that "alturism" in government will provide for them at the expense of others.

2022-07-31 08:52:20