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User Info There Is A Sickness That Haunts The Western World; entered at 2022-07-31 08:39:51
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Thankful for this thought-provoking email, and glad KD shared it. I was born a few years later and also selected for the "TAG" (Talented and Gifted) program, so I know exactly which puzzles and extras library time the writer is speaking of. No idea how I was selected, but I thought it was on the basis of solving puzzles and not an IQ test. This TAG program gave my dad some relief that I was receiving quality education even though he couldn't afford private school, but the OP is absolutely right: they had no clue what they were doing. Add in busing to undo the self-segregation, by placing these "good" public schools in the ghetto areas to draw in the suburbanites' children, and you had a recipe for disaster.

That the Ivory Tower essentially tested its theses on actual students, creating great emotional adult strife for the Black kids in TAG who were mercilessly labeled as 'acting White' by their ghetto peers, is a reflection on how little 'we' mean to our technocrat, bureaucrat betters. We are all just test subjects for TPTB as they tinker with humanity, chasing a Utopia that leaves them fat and happy and the rest of us scrounging for scraps.

Who else out there born in the late 70s and early 80s had these "gifted" schools and busing "solutions" in their childhoods?
2022-07-31 08:39:51