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User Info Time to CUT OFF China; entered at 2022-07-31 08:39:47
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Part of the cure for this is wanting and needing less. Then Americans get to experience the loss of quality as items have slowly lost their ability to endure.

It spirals down. My house AC is a more basic system, easily fixable, major parts replaceable, efficient. My neighbor's heat pump ****, not at all, systems are a throwaway. He has gone through two in less time than the current life of my one.

Once realization of things like the above example, people will have to make do with less and cost of living will require doing less.

My dishwasher represents easy and cheap tech from China making too much of a process. Then again, it is no trouble to hand wash dishes.

How much have you become too much accustomed?

This from the person who just overhauled a twenty-three year old car. Twenty-three years from now, probably less, this will not be possible.

My AC until will probably still be working fine, neighbor will be on window units and fans if that.

Perhaps the frugal will be proven correct in our lifetimes.
2022-07-31 08:39:47