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User Info Time to CUT OFF China; entered at 2022-07-31 08:32:29
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@Kolya02 - you obviously don't read for comprehension well. You may wish to improve that, as it will materially increase the odds of avoiding strikes or even a banhammer around here.

I don't give a flying fuck about Pelosi. I'd lift a toast if Xi stuck the Chinese version of a Sidewinder right through the middle of her airplane.

BUT: I ALSO don't give a flying fuck who are you in the world, freedom of navigation matters, and firing on an aircraft you KNOW is carrying a person who wishes to speak (and not munitions or other articles of war) is not what a "trading partner" does. You want to be a prick that's fine, but for us to SUPPORT IT is another matter. That I insist we refuse.

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2022-07-31 08:32:29