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User Info There Is A Sickness That Haunts The Western World; entered at 2022-07-31 07:56:23
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"The standard procedure for depressed youth is to give antidepressants, SSRIs. These drugs, as Karl has mentioned many times before, carry a Black Box Warning for suicide in those below a certain age. I do not know if the actual mechanism, but to people they suspect may have bipolar disorder, as they can make those people manic."

Hey, guess what? The "neurochemical imbalances cause depression" is another "medical fact" that has proven to be another pile of utter bullshit without a shred of proof. Think about that: the Scientologists were correct while the self-righteous "scientists" were completely wrong. Again.

As for "psychiatrists are very careful when prescribing antidepressants", no, they most certainly are not, definitely not any more careful than the rest of the highly-educated doctors about slingin' pills at any complaint their ATMs, pardon me, "patients" may have. The kids who aren't on Ritalin are on Prozac or whatever "Selective" Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor has the best profit profile at the moment. The effects must be really awesome when teen and early-20s women mix antidepressants, birth control and now the vex. No wonder they seems so miserable!

Also makes you wonder, just how dumbed down has the curriculum become even in fucking MEDICAL school?
2022-07-31 07:56:23