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User Info Time to CUT OFF China; entered at 2022-07-31 01:35:11
Posts: 84
Registered: 2022-03-02 N. PNW
I am not sure where you are, but I am in an area with a lot of the aforementioned wealth present and on display.
These are not the dissidents, they are the families of party members or supporters who are being safely (they hope) ensconced with generous wealth far in excess of the amounts which are permitted to be moved out of China. Thus, besides being our financial and ideological enemies, they are also criminals for violating Chinese, and in many cases North American laws for transfer of funds and money laundering.
I suspect that if the near future brings fourth turning type stress, then the governments wont be the only ones to be -seizing- real property here. Happy hunting.
2022-07-31 01:35:11