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User Info Time to CUT OFF China; entered at 2022-07-30 22:43:52
Posts: 226
Registered: 2017-05-07
No one in power will be willing to take the pain necessary to do so quickly imho and by quickly I mean 10+ years.

We don't even make the things necessary to make the things to do it. You can't even get an air compressor that isn't reliant on China in some fashion. Assembled here? Sure..from Chinese parts, cast in China from iron produced there. Same for practically all electronics equipment. If it's not fully made there, some critical part or resource is.

It's sad..but I fully believe China could halt all exports to US and allies, including raw mats + components that end up there...and we would be on fire within 6 months.

In a scarcity scenario (war) service/consumption based economies are the bitches of resource gathering/production economies because they can not sustain basic human needs at existing levels. Stuff > fiat

All for a little more profit
2022-07-30 22:43:52