Time to CUT OFF China
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2022-07-30 20:08 by Karl Denninger
in International , 613 references Ignore this thread
Time to CUT OFF China
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I have to give Twitter credit for this: The banned the Chinese mouthpiece who basically threatened to shoot down Pelosi's plane if she attempted to land in Taiwan and forced him to delete the tweet in order to unlock his account.

One thing you have to understand about that account however: Everything that comes from that keyboard is actual Chinese government policy.  It is not some rando in China shooting off his mouth.  It may as well be Xi on that keyboard.

We're well past the time to tell these people we're bringing our production and IP home.  We're going to do it, we're going to start now, and if there is any interference, theft or supply disruptions engineered as a result we're going to seize Treasuries and the property of any Chinese firm or national in the United States and its possessions, at our option and with our own list of priorities on a dollar for dollar liquidated damages basis.

If firms that sell into the US decide to refuse they get delisted on our exchanges and hit with tariffs for every single dollar avoided by not building goods and providing services here.  No exceptions, no apologies.

Oh, I get the love of all things "cheaper" while the entire basis of that is in fact either slavery or environmental damnation, never mind intellectual property theft and of course thuggery.

We can co-exist in a world with nations like this.  Witness North Korea.

But we can never allow ourselves to become, or remain dependent on them.  Ever.