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User Info The 28th Amendment; entered at 2022-07-13 15:36:32
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If we are dreaming big...

"The 14th Amendment's citizenship clause shall be construed to have its basis in the bestowing of citizenship to the recently emancipated slaves within the United States. It is not now, nor in its history, to bet, or have been construed to grand citizenship on a birthright basis within the boundaries of the United States, unless both parents, whether biological or lawfully adoptive, are recognized citizens, or legal permanent residents for seven consecutive years or more, of the United States, at the time of birth of the child. Any such legal precedent or distinction based upon jus solis citizenship shall be null and void.

(I'm going to need help wordsmithing this next clause)

In cases of blended citizenship status between legitimate under the proper construing of the 14th Amendment, and the illegitimate concept of jus solis ("birthright") citizenship with ineligible parentage, to claim citizenship under this amendment, no less than 75% of the ancestory of a person so seeking citizenship shall, as of January 1, 1966, have been otherwise entitled to citizenship under the legitimate construing of the 14th Amendment.

No citizen of the United States shall hold dual citizenship with any other recognized sovereign past their 25th birthday. Any citizen affirmatively obtaining citizenship from another sovereign past their 25th birthday shall be stripped of their United States citizenship and forego any right to reside permanently wthin the United States. All naturalized citizens shall affirmatively renounce, without deception nor purpose of evasion, their prior citizenships as a result of their naturalized citizenship status, regardless of age.

No way in hell this could get ratified, but the debate over the H-C act of 1965 promised the ethic balance of the US would not change. It was retarded to believe them, but if we are engaged in the retarded concept of "jus solis," then we can retroactively define the citizenship, as ex pos facto does not apply to constitutional amendments.

My main points are:

Birthright citizenship is bullshit. Congress alone determines citizenship requirements, and playing hide-and-seek with the USBP/ICE, while actively breaking the most fundamental of laws, shall not be the basis of a governmental benefit.

The 14th, as was the 13th and 15th, were about recently emancipated slaves. They were put in to prevent Southern Democrats (who just lost a war) from engaging in fuckery over the issue.

Hart-Cellar act was bullshit and we are resetting the clendar to one month past its passage. Even then, we still have a bunch of bullshit "legal" immigration based upon illegal chain migration.

No fuckery with dual citizenship. You are either loyal to the US or you are not.
2022-07-13 15:36:32