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User Info Don't Fear The Recession; entered at 2022-06-23 09:30:19
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Registered: 2013-10-14
Superdude-Sorry, I am worried about a recession. The reason being is medical benefits.

Everyone who spends any time reading Karl's articles knows that healthcare in this cuntry (sic) is a huge scam and has been for many years. "Obamacare-ya hafta pass it to find out whas in it"-N.P.

Obamacare, too, needs to hit a f*cking brick wall at 180 mph. How do (did) I get around it? Quite simply, living far, far below my means. My income is tiny, but so also are my expenditures. Sure, the unexpected horsesh*t comes along occasionally,but that's what savings are for. So I qualify for "subsidies" which make my "contribution" each month quite small.

And believe it or not, on a rather small income, I live quite well. I reside in a very well heeled suburb of a small(ish) southern city, and pass the monthly condo fee I have to pay on to my husband as "rent". It's a great arrangement for us both, as he's 65 and also retired.

So long story short, it's all doable, you just have to look at the shit sandwich you're being served and say, "Um, no thanks...I've had lunch."
2022-06-23 09:30:19