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User Info Don't Fear The Recession; entered at 2022-06-23 09:01:25
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@Superdude -
Sorry, I am worried about a recession. The reason being is medical benefits. If I am let go by my job and have a medical problem I can be sunk pretty quickly. Not too worried about anything else. (IE I have reserves for food, money, housing, emergencies, etc...) Yes you can exercise, eat right, do all the right things. But all it takes is one asshole to ruin your day or just bad luck or even genes.
Health insurance is damn expensive and is the only thing holding me back from retiring early.


No, what's holding you back is that you think you should be able to live in a high-cost area and yet maintain all that stuff without consequence. Bullshit.

I've done it since Obamacare came into place. If I get ratfucked I have catastrophic coverage; its worthless for anything else but I don't use it, and don't pay anything for it. If I get run over by a bus, its there. Change your expectations and, if necessary, move to where reasonable expectations make the numbers work.

@Aquapura - Yep. The space I got for MCSNet was not precisely what I wanted, but it was close enough to be workable, and workable it was. The only real "add" I needed to do was a chiller for what was a stockroom turned into a computer room, and some retermination of the cube data wiring (whoever did it originally was a monkey.) The chiller was a sunk cost no matter where I went -- the cube system in the main space was already there and had I needed to outfit from new those are NOT cheap, so not only did I get the space the buildout was 90+% complete and ready to go; had I needed to build that out it would have been a six-figure check that I did NOT need to write.

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2022-06-23 09:01:25