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User Info Don't Fear The Recession; entered at 2022-06-23 08:42:38
Posts: 424
Registered: 2011-11-06
We have been LONG overdue for a recession. This place could use an economic enema. It may get folk's heads out of their asses.

What the gov and Fed giveth......they will now be forced to taketh away. Thank God for raging inflation (even despite a strong dollar).....the disease demands a cure. And there is really only one cure.

Now the millennial kids and karens will see what a real recession looks like, not the kind that gets papered over by the Fed and Uncle Sam.

Time to break out those work gloves! For many of you it will be the first time in your lives.
If you are blue collar and actually do real work for a living (i.e. produce a REAL good or service) are in a much better position than those sitting in an office pushing paper, or pushing SJW nonsense. Tesla is a prime example. Laying off white collar and keeping those on the production line. For now. Side note: Tesla should go BK, but I digress.

Back when we had real recessions (which are as healthy and necessary as the change of seasons)....white collar types were always the first to go. This time around will be even worse, as there is still a huge shortage of actual blue collar workers. And we have an huge oversupply of "educated" lazy wokesters.

Oh, and those open borders many of you wanted to show how "compassionate" you your new competitor. Julio and Juan actually show up and work. Better observe and take notes. And if you are a hood rat, they will also compete for a piece of your welfare pie, all while working under the table.

Like many of you older types here, I've seen this movie before. Quite a few times.

Bring the pain. The sooner the better.

2022-06-23 08:42:38