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User Info Don't Fear The Recession; entered at 2022-06-23 07:40:41
Posts: 330
Registered: 2021-07-20
I'm absolutely cheering it on. PAIN is what the dumbfucks voted for, and they all deserve the ass fucking they're getting and will get even worse in the future. All the fucking idiots that I know that voted for the Pants Shitter are getting their noses rubbed in in every time they try to call me and snivel. You voted for it dummy, now suck it up. Maybe after you're living in a tent, you'll figure it out. You know that overcrowded blue city you live in, good luck not getting stabbed while you try to shop for food. I always give them a link to this sight also and say, here read this stuff. Maybe you'll learn something. Now shut the fuck up and stop bothering me. I'm fully retired now with social security coming in, with ZERO debt. I know things are fucked for me too, but not like all of the debt up to their eyeballs morons. I hope it does last 4 years or more. Maybe that will be enough time to clean house of all the modern monetary theory and green assclowns infesting .gov. If the incompetent fuckheads don't get us nuked, I'm going to enjoy the show.
2022-06-23 07:40:41