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Speaking for the United States (a corporation, a government, a part of the NWO, a "democracy", not your friend) and Her (capitalized!) public health. Public health is not about an individual's health. It's a deviation from the doctor acting always in the patient's interest, and substitutes larger societal goals. Like, say, population reduction.

This doc isn't lying and he probably isn't violating the version of the Hippocratic oath that he took -- which no longer includes "first, do no harm".

The American Medical Association helpfully defined what "informed consent" is. It is essentially (1) a conversation between patient and healthcare practitioner happens, then (2) the patient agrees to the treatment. Nothing about what the contents of that conversation have to be or whether the patient shows understanding of it, or for that matter whether a weapon was brandished at the patient to get that final agreement!
2022-06-21 20:55:56