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User Info Yellen Is Wrong AGAIN; entered at 2022-06-20 09:40:35
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Registered: 2021-09-15 western slope colorado
We could burn Yellen and Congress for fuel; hell, all the politicians of the world, and we would eventually need coal again. Even the political class has limitations on its potential fuel reserves.

People should stop demanding politicans do something, and force them to act for our benefit.

Politicians won't change - we have to force them to change. Or change them. The political class needs skin in the game. They need to feel the hot angry breath of their constituents upon the back of their neck. They should sweat thinking about making a decision their subjects won't like. They need to fear bad outcomes or they won't change.

Politicans don't face consequences for anything they do as a group. High prices are a problem for the poor, not the politicians. Rules for thee, but not for me is the mantra politically connected people live by.

One aspect the political class has forgotten is that by taking everything from us, we have less and less to live for. When the graph line of political corruption crosses the line of what people have left to live for... all bets are off.

I feel a day is coming when someone has had enough and they will snap. When they do, it might trigger others. Then the dominoes will fall.

Unfortunately, I'm sure there are elements ready to exploit this to their advantage so the end result is probably going to be even worse for the average fellow.

History is an echo.

2022-06-20 09:40:35