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User Info Yellen Is Wrong AGAIN; entered at 2022-06-20 08:56:16
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Registered: 2011-11-06
Yellen, just like other statists, is lying. But going "green" is good for leftist public relations, at least in their minds. Just like all manner of woke leftist social causes are (supporting unions, etc.). The lemmings believe it. Plus Wall Street gets in early on the scams, which inevitably collapse. But they take their money and run. Similar with the leftists at the top supposedly being for the "little guy" and then doing anything and everything they can to prevent unionization at their companies. Starbucks, Amazon, etc. etc. etc. Oh the horror!!!

But when the rubber really meets the road, we see their true colors and intent. Even Germany, which has gone over the green cliff, is starting to FINALLY grasp they are looking at actual deindustrialization if they don't cut the **** out. They are looking to go back to using COAL!!!! On top of bring back natural gas! Other euro peons are starting to realize this too. They are staring at life as it was in the Middle Ages if they don't cut the **** out, and fast.

Money talks and bull**** walks. When the karen freezes her ass off, or sits in the dark for a few days......karen learn. Virtue signaling is one thing (it's free)......but when woke playtime ends......Mr. Physics always wins.

My bet is on Mr. Physics.

China knows this. India knows this. Russia sure as hell knows this, watch the speech Putin gave a few days ago. He spoke about green stupidity.

Then ask yourself who has more competent leaders at the helm, them or us.

The answer is blatantly obvious.
2022-06-20 08:56:16