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User Info Yellen Is Wrong AGAIN; entered at 2022-06-20 08:51:12
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Lithium batteries life is measured in load cycles. Renault Zoe's battery is guaranteed for 1,500 load cycles, which is very good for a 52 kWh, 400 V lithium-ion battery.

French watermelons (green on the outside, but bright red inside) translate that 1,500 cycles guarantee to "it's good for 10 years". They either live on Venus, or can't divide by 365...

However, the gov't is planning to use all car batteries for storage of "renewable electricity" when they are connected, and has already deployed "smart" electricity meters to be able to do that. So a car battery can be emptied and reloaded many times in a day, without the owner having any control on it. Instant free electricity storage !

Of course, nobody talks about the impact on battery lifetime, but once this is done, I expect no car battery will last a full year.

To replace the battery costs 7,400 euros for a Renault Zoe, 14,500 euros for a Tesla Model 3, 17,400 euros for a Ford Mustang E-Tech, and 37,800 for an Audi e-Tron.

Why anyone would buy an electric car is a mistery to me.

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