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Men in general will do no such thing. There are damn few actual MEN left in this nation -- and perhaps not in many others either.

Witness how many "men" bray at Trump as "savior."

This is a "man" who claimed the ability to turn a billion people into ash at the push of a button but when he asserted he was robbed from a rightful second term he refused to get out in front and put his freedom and likely his life on the line seizing whatever was required to prove it and then so-proving it in public.

If he truly believed that he had an obligation, as a man, to either do so OR SHUT THE FUCK UP AND WALK AWAY, having weighted the cost not to him but to society in general and finding that the costs were greater than the benefits.

If he didn't truly believe it then he should have been slaughtered, in public, where he stood because again, as a man, he was ACTIVELY trying to get OTHER PEOPLE KILLED for a knowingly false claim purely for the feelz and to gin up other people and play on their mental instability.

No MAN would do what he did.

I remind you that Nixon knew DAMN WELL he was robbed immediately after his first run. He decided to stand down even though he might have been able to raise the people to go prove it -- but he decided that the costs were greater than the benefits irrespective of the outcome.

That's what a MAN does.

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2022-06-19 11:43:50