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User Info Fatherhood; entered at 2022-06-19 08:53:41
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Registered: 2011-11-06
Women raise infants into children, men raise children into adults. The latter being especially difficult in today's feminized, illogical and emotionally-driven society. Any man who willingly marries a western woman today has to know the odds of divorce and the penalties therein, especially if kids come along. Google "indentured servitude". Everyone here has seen it. A hundred times.

Your local hood shows what illegitimacy produces at its worst. At least Dems get eternal votes for dependency. Going on four generations now. Horrifically amazing when you think really about it.

There are so few parents today who are actually invested in raising their kids (that's what skoolz and daycares are for), that I would vote to eliminate Mother's and Father's Day until we return to a time when most parents love their kids more than themselves. And true love is tough, and doing the right thing, not the fun or easy alternative.

To you few real fathers out there, i.e. the ones strong enough to use the word "no" with their kids and wives (if present).....happy Father's Day.

2022-06-19 08:53:41