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User Info Fatherhood; entered at 2022-06-19 07:40:44
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Registered: 2021-11-01
Happy dads day Karl. Since I have followed you forever I gather you have subscribed to marriage is a mistake you make once. Im on year 42 and had to break my dear (way smarter then me and im pretty smart in my own right) wife on hovering, a true female trait. The classic is waking up after a great dinner the night before and staring at the wreck of a kitchen. My wife can trash a kitchen making a cup of tea Once the fog in my head clears ill start to clean and the hoverer in chief rallies and we start bumping into each other which is when I stop and say i can do this or you can do this it isn't a team event like you girls going to the bathroom at a restaurant. Funny how no hovering when Im changing oil on the cars(I don't trust I am getting synthetic oil at jiffy lube)As the French say men shave and women menstruate and viva la difference! Except for armpits I guess
2022-06-19 07:40:44