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2022-06-19 07:00 by Karl Denninger
in Social Issues , 485 references Ignore this thread
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Father's Day.

Allegedly, anyway.

You can find all manner of lament about how we have an epidemic of fatherless children and fatherless families.

You can also find plenty of people, although few will say it out loud, who are fully aware that their Dad was a jackass -- or worse.

Isn't it interesting how we create a problem through either intentional neglect or outright malice, then lament it?

As just one of many examples there's a hell of a lot of fentanyl that comes into this country and kills people.  Most of the precursors, if not the drug itself, comes straight out of China, and much is manufactured and trafficked through Mexico.  We could shut down both tomorrow -- but not only have we refused, we consider both nations "reliable trading partners" despite them shipping literal addictive poison by the ton into our nation.

Until the "Great Society" black families had a very high prevalence of 2-parent homes.  Then we handed out money and incentivized breaking up said families or not forming them in the first place -- and we got exactly what we bought.  Now we "lament" it, but never reverse course on what caused it.

We hear people complain about "toxic masculinity" yet it is precisely the fact that men and women think differently that such complaining is attempting to step on.  Thomas Edison was doggedly dedicated to finding an answer to why his electric lights burned out very rapidly.  He wanted to -- and did -- isolate himself finding the answer.  Had he not had said dogged...... dare I say.... toxic masculine doggedness you'd probably not have said lights today.

I could go on for pages and pages, but I won't.

You know I'm right.

You also know we, as a society, threw it out.

You know that was stupid.

And you know we're paying for it -- and will continue to -- because we will not demand that this nonsense not just stop, but be reversed.  Not individually because even though some do the benefit of individually, as a man or woman, making that decision is at best individual.  To fix the problem it has to happen at a societal level.

There are some smart women who have figured this out.  They have no interest in trying to make men into women -- not psychologically, intellectually or otherwise.  They recognize that men and women are different and they respect that difference.  They know why the man cave is there, and they leave it -- and the occupant -- alone.  They don't crawl up a man's ass 24x7x365 any more than a man tries to convince a woman shooting and gutting a deer or engaging in a fart contest is fun if she thinks its disgusting.  The problem is that society makes it all too easy to expect whatever you want from someone who isn't you, and if you don't get it then you can bash the other over the head and even, if you managed to connect yourselves sufficiently, get paid to do it because society says that's ok too and labels anything that's not you as "toxic."

You can't argue with the historical record.  You can burn the books and try to "cancel" it, but tell me why if banishing "toxic masculine" traits such as "sink or swim", "work or starve", getting rid of the entire premise of the "den", "library" or "smoking room" in a house (a place to go to withdraw from others) and refusing to "give money to people when they break up families" are all good things and lead to superior outcomes why are 70% of black children are born out of wedlock while in 1960, before all that, it was about 20%?

Facts just are, whether you like them or not.

Happy Father's (or what's left of it) Day.

I guess its only fitting, all things considered, that it has been subsumed by Juneteenth.

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