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User Info Revolt Or Collapse: Pick One; entered at 2022-06-15 06:49:04
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Registered: 2022-06-13
"Revolt Or Collapse: Pick One"

When did we suddenly become in charge? The enemy has said for a century or more that the plan is to crash the economy so people will beg for order at any cost... then give them order at a high cost. So what is happening now is all according to their plan, that they've published and debated in public since before we were born.

The USSR was in far worse shape than the US will likely become, and it lasted for 80+ years. Then it didn't collapse or revolt, it simply changed a few nameplates, put a kleptocrat in charge and called it a day.

What is our Plan B, when in 10 years we are living in a 3rd world tyranny with no sign of a revolt or collapse in sight? Perhaps we should start on that Plan B now...
2022-06-15 06:49:04