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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-13 17:47:06
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Registered: 2021-02-25 Kansas

Thank you for the reports from where you live. One of the things that makes this forum so valuable is hearing from people all over the U.S. and the world.

Just an aside, but two of my favorite commentators -- Fred Reed and the host of the Geopolitics & Empire podcast (whose actual name I have not been able to find) -- both live in Mexico. I find that very interesting. Even life under narcoterror cartels is preferable to life in these Dystopian Disunited States? Hmmm. Probably depends on where exactly in Mexico you are. I've never seen any Mexico residents here on the Forum. Would be great to have that perspective here, though. AMLO may be a socialist, but I sure do appreciate his resistance to the vaxxx and the globalists.
2022-06-13 17:47:06