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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-13 14:29:05
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It's gonna take some time and a couple re-readings to really process your analysis, which I can only hope is flawed, since it's depressing as hell.

One thing you definitely get right -- and which, incredibly, many people seem to miss, since they don't know any history -- is that China DOES NOT CARE about its own people, not as individual lives. It never has. People in any Western country -- which despite our decay still coasts on the fumes of Christianity, with its core concept of individual human dignity -- simply can't grasp how ALIEN the Chinese worldview really is to our own. Leave aside Communism, which is a very recent arrival. In the millennia-old Confucian worldview, the individual is subsumed within the family and community. This is NOT the same as Christian family values or Christian communitarianism. Any resemblance is on the surface only. The animating spirit or essence is entirely different.

All of which is to say that I agree with you, alas, that Chinese leaders would be perfectly willing to see tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of their own citizens perish, if that's what it takes to eliminate the U.S. once and for all. Break eggs to make an omelet -- wasn't it Mao who originated that phrase?

I also agree with your point that Russia sees itself as hugely distinct from China, that it finds China distasteful and does not want to ever be subsumed by them. I would go further and say that many in Russia see Russia as the last remaining bulwark of Christian civilization, from whence will eventually spread the re-Christianization of the now-pagan West. I don't necessarily agree with that view, I'm just stating the view of many in Russia -- including, quite possibly, Mr. Putin.

I rejoice to see Russia strengthening its ties with Africa, where Christianity is vital and energetic, in contrast to the decadent, dispirited, now self-hating lands formerly known as "Christendom." I know very well that Russia's reasons for seeking closer ties with Africa are pragmatic and strategic. But on a personal cosmic/spiritual level, I can't help but rejoice to see stronger bonds between THE two great landmasses where Christianity is currently actually GROWING.

And Russia-Africa development comes just in the nick of time, for China has steadily been turning Africa into one big Chinese colony. Ditto South America, but that is another story.
2022-06-13 14:29:05