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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-13 12:32:24
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@Whitehat: The west is waging war against its own people and has been using war to enslave us. They have been doing this for decades and there has been a literal surrender to China. While the Western political class has run out of places to loot and placed its faith on preserving ice in territories that never warm up to freezing, China has tied up the resources of the world. The Democrat/RINO war on Russia took out the last major source of oil. A deindustrialized western world, more interested in spying on its own people has ceded minerals to China. Woke=starvation.

I don't think we can talk economics. Look at the markets today. 100 SPX points is $1 trillion. Markets usually don't collapse in June, but I doubt the US has ever had politicians so intent on destroying its own people. Yields are up 18 BP on 10 and 30 year bonds today and the market is off another 2%. 18 BP is about 3% on the 30. There is another trillion. Black Monday was $500 billion. We haven't even touched the rest of the market.

Inflation is going to stop, because paper wealth is about to collapse. We haven't even seen the end of the last bubble, real estate, mainly residential. Today adds anothe point plus to the cost of a mortgage and mortgages are a future commitment, meaning we likely see a 1/2% move in rates, overnight.

I can tell you first hand there is a mania here in housing. I cannot even begin to estimate how much of the market is speculation. I will tell you solicitation of my property has moved from mass mailers to direct texts and calls. I have never advertised my phone number, but I suspect it has been captured by something I filled out. Prices are up here 50% in the past 2 years and that follows 5 strong years of prices. Land has gone ballistic. These things never end well.

There is a massive problem here. Goods aren't being produced. That means we are in the midst of a delusion. We can't have long term hyperinflation, as long as debts are considered valid and the very invalidity of debt puts the entire system in collapse. German hyperinflation was the result of printing money to pay debts where gold was due. You can't print gold despite the delusion they can have gold backed currency and make believe the gold is there. The mark probably had a link to gold, but you can't print resources.

I think we are in a forced collapse and an intentinal emergency. You can't make up the series of screw ups and the denial of mistakes we are watching. This is a trainwreck, where the engineer steps on the gas and puts on a blindfold. Ukraine is just a timely distraction from what these criminals are doing.
2022-06-13 12:32:24