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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-13 10:36:45
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We are not discussing how this current situation is setting up a potentiality for something much worse in the future.

Russia is getting rich from the sanctions and new mineral trading agreements which will persist. They are developing a hegemony over Europe no matter how amicable this thing is ultimately resolved. Other countries like doing the kind of business they are doing with Russia especially when it gives them leverage over the US. Russia now has a direct link with the workshop of the world: China.

Russia now has the ability to super modernize at great speed as they can use the Chinese as their own slaves and environmental dumping ground as well as export any of their own inflation.

Russia never really liked China and still does not, so using them serves many purposes especially when the Chinese leadership likes to treat its own people as disposable.

No one who achieves power ever desires to give it up. Russia will emerge from this very powerful.

Russia has always wanted to be a world player as an equal or better. Some would say in justification that they earned this.

The United States exists on a bully platform as the last great superpower. Sure we would get a pasting from Russia at any time in our history, but what kept Russia from trying was our economic markets influence and nexus status. Other countries have resented this throughout the years. Without this Russia becomes a viable economic alternative, and while they are at it might as well militarily dominate problematic regions like we used to do.

China will of course look to have a growing country to takeover from our role as world consumers. Who else has the potential and culture still in place?

Russia and Eastern Europe.

The USA and the old Anglo world will not sit by for this. Russia will become stronger with China running hundreds of Manhattan projects for them.

Russia has promised China that they will finally get the chance to takeout the colonial powers who did them wrong centuries ago and up to the present. China wants to become one anyway as they demonstrate.

Russia is getting rich and China ready to decapitate us one day in the future.

We will be attacked. Screw being concerned about now or next years or piddling little economic problems. We will absorb a first-strike on our military and political centers and strongholds. China does not care about the retaliation given how they use their people and the way that they think. Russia will pin it on them, but control the fight openly.

Russia gave us a few chances after the fall of the Soviet Union to prove our honor. We lost the final chance with Ukraine. Europe will fall to Russia's side when this goes down for practical reasons as Russia will be integral to their existence by then.

Our bigger problem is not that we cannot make what we need in border, but that we will have nothing to export as an equal world trading partner. Russia can export for the next few hundred years, and whatever is left of China can make what the world needs.

The USA will be forced into a position of pondering what it has to offer the world after military and resource and world power games are no longer a factor. Europe will exist as a cultural wellspring where its ancient history and cultures reseed the ideas and advancements of humanity thus justifying its existence and preserved status which Russia will support. Russia is not stupid and knows that the White Western World is from where the advancements in the civilization which they want ultimately originate.

Russia is closely enough related to the Asiatics to know what they will do, how to use them and to have enough internal distaste to never want to be them.

In the process of today we are arming Russia, enriching them and giving them more justification for their actions in what will seem like a few short years.

Today's situation is acting like a layaway payment plan for Russia's, in concert with China, nuclear and advanced weaponry first strike on us which will be devastating and forever alter our trajectory. Remember that SE Asia, Eastern Europe, even African nations know that this is coming for us. They sit pretty as they know that they will never be targets, and Russia is not going to care to take over the world.

The whole world knows that we are sitting ducks, fish in a barrel, painted targets and are just waiting until we get ours at the worst time in our economic history with no core competence. We have offended many in the world, always assuming that they were second and third world, and truthfully, they unable to do anything about it. Nice thing about them being small and not powerful is that they do not have a target on them. They are past, current and future trading partners with Russia and company not targets for takeover.

When will you know that this is coming? When one sees Eastern Europeans begin to repatriate back to their homelands. It will be a trough the grapevine type warning. You will see a massive Chinese investment here, greater than any now. They are used to misery, chaos and making do, and would love to stake claims and make something out of the chaos even with risk to themselves and their families. Yes, they will purchase and develop interests in target areas figuring if they survive, they thrive.

Americans will find out that our CONUS is not worth invading or taking over much to the chagrin of those preparing for said. Yes, it is impossible but more so improbable. Few key areas and resources will be easier to buy than take as said will sell to the highest bidder anyway. What do we have here other than old stuff and unimproved land. Our culture, society, laws, industriousness, standards and people used to be our wealth, and we have all seen how we have squandered this resource. Why invade us to have to babysit us when they can just sit back and watch us enjoy mediocrity and some even starve. Perhaps the Chinese will uses some vasts swaths of land to grow things not after taking it but after buying it when we have nothing else to offer.

Once a massive shock and awe is performed on our last bastion of strength, the power centers and the military, we have nothing. Russia is going to use all of its wealth to mitigate any response from us including providing proof that if we do not absorb said without reprisal, our citizenry gets eliminated. Did not think of that, did you? Our current long range weaponry cannot depopulate as much as we like to think that it can. We know this, Russia knows this, so does China.

Expect that after this Ukraine mess is over for Russia to go on a weapons and military development binge with China the likes of which no one has ever seen before.

We are going to be forced to take our lesson and swallow whole, with no chance of reprisal.

And, we created just the situation for Russia to get the wealth to do it. Soon, Russia will be our competitor as will China and SE Asia for necessary industrial resources. What will we use to purchase these things? Humm ... our inflation?

There is no way out. It is baked in the cake. Russia got a taste of victory and likes it. If you are less than seventy years old, probably less than sixty, you will probably live to see a nuclear first-strike on CONUS. Your children will.

And, you and your children will see USA inc fold and not retaliate unaware of the harsh reality that it will be the only way to avoid total annihilation.

This is merely submitted for consideration and for other comment posters to add to the discussion if it serves them to do so. I do not intend to go back and forth with anyone regarding this particular comment post. I respect the wisdom and opinions of many people here and elsewhere and look forward to their contributions.

IMO you have more time than you think, more important things to consider than the current economic concerns and limited options.
2022-06-13 10:36:45