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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-13 06:41:49
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Registered: 2021-09-20
I think Putin is winning, but think about it, what did Ukrainians really want - not defeating Russia, that would be ludicrously impossible, but country with no Russians in it, and they are getting exactly that with Putin's help. The only thing they can do (and they are doing excellent job at it) is making Putin's victory worthless both economically and politically. They are making sure that Putin destroys all the infrastructure, all factories, steel mills, bridges, hospitals, schools, and most important of all to displace young people that will never return to live in scorched earth place that is now eastern Ukraine.

Russians had to completely destroy Azovstal that costs billions to rebuild in order to get 2,000 soldiers - how many millions is that per soldier. What I know from ex-Yugoslavia, these refugees once displaced will never return, only old people will return because they can't find a new job anywhere else. Ukrainians smartly are putting all their equipment to be destroyed in hospitals, schools, administration buildings, so that Putin will win over empty territory without infrastructure or people worth rebuilding it for. Additionally, Zelensky is now mobilizing heavily from eastern regions so that it is Russians killing Russians, and he opened borders in the beginning so that all the people from the western Ukraine left for the EU. They purposefully trapped Putin, the same way they trapped Serbs in Yugoslavia and they were not stupid at all, he bit the bait. What other choice did he really have, because if some state doesn't want certain people on its territory they will get them out one way or the other - Jews had that experience far too many times throughout history. If Putin didn't start this war, Ukrainians would have cleansed Russians out of Ukraine, the way Croats cleansed Serbs out of Croatia, or later on from Kosovo.

As for the inflation, I think things will go back to normal, because both Chinese and Russian billionaire looters need some place to invest their loot and they don't like the place where government can kill you and take your wealth. This may happen through dark channels like the drug cartels are doing it, but the dollar will still be the king.
2022-06-13 06:41:49