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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-12 14:11:52
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I live in Silicon Valley, which of course is a very liberal area. I go out in my car to do an errand or two on most days. Of course I see many, many cars, and I pay attention. Since the Ukraine conflict began I have seen precisely one pro-Ukraine bumper sticker (and no pro-Russian ones). I have seen no flags or banners at all (of course I don't drive through all neighborhoods). The only pro-Ukrainian flag I have seen was one attached to a highway overpass; we drove under it on a trip north; it was about a hundred miles north of here. Despite the poll results that we are fed, I do not think that the media have convinced the American public that this is a war that they should support.

On Saturdays in March and April the I-205 bridge that connects Portland and Vancouver was full of idiots waving Ukrainian flags. I saw less of them in late May when we went into Portland. My wife and I laughed and joked about them just like we did with the BLM advocates in summer two years ago.

The Portland area is full of mushy-headed liberal types who seem to be into whatever the current thing happens to be.
2022-06-12 14:11:52