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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-12 13:53:55
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What this war has done is expose Russia for the paper tiger that it really is. Yes, they have nukes and other powerful weapons (and thus never be engaged in serious war) but overall, their military is a lower echelon force lacking in command structure/leadership, overall equipment and tactics. I know that some here feel that our Military is woke and full of pussies, but we would clean Russia's clock in a conventional war.

I think you've read the tea leaves wrong. Tell us again about our great victory in Afghanistan! And Iraq! You know, the countries we wasted $Trillions in and have nothing to show for it.

Russia could have simply flattened Ukraine and everyone there. Yet they are systematically removing Ukraine's ground forces, the air force is gone, and Ukraine citizens still have running water and electricity. If Russia is using cheap munitions to do the job that's fine. Cost effective use of weaponry leaves the more exotic things in Russia's inventory free for a later use. That's just smart management of men and materials.

Plus, Russia has gained real world data of their tactics and weapons performance they will learn from for years to come.

2022-06-12 13:53:55