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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-12 13:15:22
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Registered: 2016-03-15 Northern Ohio
Karl is correct. Ukraine has already lost the way. All that remains is determining how much territory Russia wants to keep. There were articles a couple of weeks ago pointing out that members of Zelensky's cabinet were buying property in Sweden and Switzerland to evacuate to.

The West cannot supply the one critical component that Ukraine needs to win... trained military men. Ukraine was bound to lose as there was no way they could win a war of attrition. I agree with many here that this was just an opportunity to line our politicians and supporter's pockets.

What this war has done is expose Russia for the paper tiger that it really is. Yes, they have nukes and other powerful weapons (and thus never be engaged in serious war) but overall, their military is a lower echelon force lacking in command structure/leadership, overall equipment and tactics. I know that some here feel that our Military is woke and full of pussies, but we would clean Russia's clock in a conventional war.

2022-06-12 13:15:22