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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-12 12:07:40
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Something else that makes me wonder about this war is the complete lack of live news coverage of it. The invasion of Iraq in 2003 had lots of embedded reporters with the troops. Most of our other actions did too. However, there is absolutely NO embedded live coverage of this conflict. One reason for this is, of course, that our military is not fighting in this. However, you would think the Ukrainian government would have journalists in this war in order to drum up support. But that's not happening at all.

Another thing I noticed right off the bat was no live coverage of the average Russian in the street and his or her reaction to the war. Of course the Putin government controls the media in Russia. But you would expect to hear something coming out of Russia. But we don't. This tells me that the average Russian man and woman in the street is fully on board with Putin's actions. I think the reason for this is that one, Putin saved the Russian economy from the predations of the oligarchs, backed by the "Harvard Boys", in the 1990's AND two, they have seen the continued predations by these players in the Ukraine over the succeeding 20 years since Putin came to power. I think the average Russian person is fully aware of the massive corruption and predation in Ukraine and do NOT want a return of the same to Russia. You do know that Ukraine's per capita GDP was less than 25% of Russia's, and that was with Ukraine making better technical gear (jet engines, advanced alloys, etc.) than the Russians.
2022-06-12 12:07:40