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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-12 11:33:23
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Karl Denninger wrote..
There are reports that Zelinsky is drafting women. You don't do that unless you're out of fighting-age men who can actually fight. Note that soymen who runs away or spends his time butt****ing and/or preening can't actually fight, and you must have people who can. When you even contemplate drafting women you've made a statement that you're out of competent fighting men. This is similar to what the NVA did after Tet and what Iran did, but both grabbed literal boys, shoved rifles in their hands and sent them out to die. Which they did, in size. The war was over in that case both times, but not yet admitted. In the former case we literally walked away from a win thanks to Cronkite and the stupidity of the American people buying his bull****. Thus it is here, except this time its just money, much of which has been siphoned off by defense contractors and the families of politicians -- like ****face Biden.

@Tickerguy -- Good observation, and excellently said. However, consider this alternative hypothesis: Ukraine has a Leadership- and Elite-Class which (like us) not only do not care about the people, but hate and actively work against them; if this is the case, then getting rid of the women of childbearing age would be a very good method of striking at the people themselves.

This means the only way to stop the inflation is to stop deficient spending.

Yeah... the only way that isn't happening until it starts personally impacting politicians.

We had better reverse course on all of our insanity with regard to energy now -- including oil, natural gas and especially coal, which has a stable long-term price structure or we're going to get ****ed. The economy here will fold back into a deep, nasty inflationary recession materially worse than the Carter Stagflation, which I remind you we caused with our stupidity related to the Arab Oil Embargo.

Given the observed apparent goal of destroying the middle class, they may want this: making it expensive to even exist, then offering "Universal Basic Income" as a 'relief', which then gets little strings -- like surrendering the right to keep and bear arms, and/or "being up to date on ALL your 'vaccines' (and gene-therapies)", etc.

Further, we can no longer spend, at the federal level, anything we do not first tax from someone. I do not give a wet crap what the excuse is from the left or right it all stops now or we continue to get a wild inflationary spike, demand destruction follows and so does severe civil unrest when the blackouts start along with the inability to fund food or even worse -- civil war.

Engineering a "Civil War" here would be an excellent preparation of the battlefield: it will eliminate some (most?) of those who would resist, it will expend their food and ammo reserves, and it will make a segment of the population that will desire the 'stability' offered by an invasion disguised as "relief".

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