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User Info Ukraine Has LOST, And So Have We; entered at 2022-06-12 10:59:25
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Permission to steal that closing? I see the opportunity to use that over and over.
Seriously, this is a fantastic analysis. I had not heard that he is drafting women. I would accept every volunteer, especially those who think they are men, or that they do not need men, but drafting them is a moral failing on an epic scale. He is obliterating whatever is left of the Ukrainian genetics. Russia got much of it in one of the most vile communist genocides ~90years ago if I remember right, but this time it is, as you have said the wests fault. While a small cadre of WEF leaders set it up, too many idiots supported it, and damn near none of us did anything more than try to change individuals opinion in private conversations. I do not know that anything peaceful that would have had an effect, but at least second gulf war there were still some people who dared to protest, sometimes even outside of the appropriate -political speech zones- that the govt had deigned they were permitted to occupy. This time around, we are tempting ww3, and we are too busy bickering over whether Biden or Putin is the cause of the gas being so expensive.
I saw a very interesting headline yesterday, Russian foreign ministry publicly condemned Israel airstrikes in Damascus. My observation at the time was that either the Russian leadership was not fully rational, or they were in a much, much stronger position than we were being told. It seems I now I have the answer to that question.

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2022-06-12 10:59:25