Why Don't We Demand Crazies Control?
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2022-05-26 09:55 by Karl Denninger
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Why Don't We Demand Crazies Control?
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Once again, right on schedule, the bell tolls.

Uvalde Texas this time, a mere 54 miles away from the border with Mexico.  Biden, of course immediately demands "gun control."

Fuck you Joe; you're so goddamned worried about "safety" you and your pieces of shit have let roughly 3 million illegal invaders into this nation in the last year or so, part of a train that both political parties refuse to stop, and among which are embedded thousands of criminals of all sorts including of course violent criminals.

Those people come here not for a "better life through hard work" but because you and the rest of the politicians in both parties promise to shower them with all manner of "free stuff" which you steal by shoving a gun up the asshole of US citizens.  That, I remind you, is force and you and your pretty pasty-white nutjobs along with your diversity hire who's best and highest calling was being an effective Call Girl for another politician can go sit and spin.

Want me to believe otherwise?  Pass a law that no public expenditures of any sort may be made for anyone here illegally, directly or indirectly.  If you have an illegal invader in your house they don't exist for purposes of "X", where "X" is whatever sort of qualifications for this or that.  Further, all remittances are taxed at 25%.  Why 25%?  Because FICA is about 13% and the base income tax rate is ten; the presumption if you're working illegally is that you're not paying those taxes.  A citizen is exempt if and only if they provide their Social Security number and declare every penny of it on their federal taxes so it can be matched against income.

You know damn well that neither will happen so shut the fuck up about all those people coming here to "work hard and better themselves."  That's a damnable lie and it tests my faith in God that you haven't gotten a lightning bolt up your ass for it.

As for "gun control" there are no guns allowed in schools -- by staff or anyone else, other than the cops.  Gee, just like the idiot people in NY who plastered "no guns!" all over store entrances!  By God, pieces of paper stop violent thugs!  Just go ask any woman who has gotten a restraining order and waved it in front of the nutjob who was about to rape and kill her.

Can we talk about the "wildly competent" so-called "School Resource Officers"?  Can they hit the broad side of a barn?  Apparently not.  Further, every school I've ever seen has doors that lock from the inside (yet remain accessible with crash bars) so why weren't they secured?  It's been reported the cops were chasing this guy before he went into the school; why were they chasing him?  Why did the cops leave him in there to slaughter the kids for an hour, which has now been stated in an official press conference?

Which is more important to the cops: Stopping the asshole from slaughtering kids or going home tonight?  We know the answer, right, just as we did in Florida.  STOP WITH WORSHIPPING FUCKING COWARDS and understand one thing VERY clearly: The cops will be happy to affix a toe tag to your dead ass and that is ALL you can count on them to do.  Ever.  Period.  If you don't like being dead then its on you to even the odds. Guess what that means you must have and know how to use?  Uh huh, and all the asshole politicians who claim otherwise or wish to remove that capacity from you can go suck-start a shotgun.

It would be nice if we paid any sort of attention to exactly how these crazies happen and perhaps our role in creating them.  Was this one on SSRIs?  There's a very nasty correlation in that data set, but heh, writing on that in the "open" part of the system where there's advertising will get me blackballed these days (funny how it didn't 10 years ago) because bagging on pharma and doctors for making rage monsters is considered "harmful or dangerous" content.

We've known all the way back to Columbine and even before that these drugs are dangerous in people under about 22.  We don't know why.  We know it doesn't happen all that often but it does happen in a small percentage within that age group who are prescribed them.  Not every one of those people go on to shoot up a school -- or a movie theater -- some just kill themselves. For the last two decades I've put forward the position that since we know this happens and there is no way to predict in young people who will draws the crazy straw and who won't when young people are given these drugs the only place we should use them in young people is in an institution where the person in question can be monitored and kept from getting at, oh, a steak knife, say much less a gun on a 24x7 basis.

But no!  We can't have that discussion and do that thing!  We didn't just spend the last two years locking people in their homes and telling them they were going to either die or kill their grandmother, wildly adding to stress and depression, did we?

How many newly-minted rage monsters did we create over the last two years and of those how many were prescribed these drugs?  How many more are plotting something nasty just like this?  Psychotics are, well, psychotic you know.

This particular incident won't be able to be spun as one of "white supremacists" because, well, the jackass wasn't.  And there's utterly no way to try to link it to anything other than flat-out crazy; this wasn't some gang thing with a bunch of young children in the school where it took place.

Never mind that from the descriptions this "kid" had some pretty expensive weaponry.  About 5 large worth of it, to be exact. I've seen the images and I can identify both a quite-expensive holographic sight and one of the weapons as to brand, and both are wildly beyond the "cheap AR" nonsense that people like to scream and shout about.  Where'd he get the money to buy it, assuming he didn't steal it, which of course would render all the screaming about "gun control" moot as someone who is willing to commit armed robbery, and yes it is once there's a firearm involved, has already declared that they don't give a wet crap about any law.  At 50 miles from the unguarded Mexican border do you really think it would be hard to get a gun from..... oh..... a gang-banger?

Then there are the FBI statistics; you're more-likely be stabbed to death, and approximately as likely to be beaten to death with a baseball bat or 9-iron as killed with a rifle.  Yes, including the black scary ones, which in fact are just black and shoot a smaller, lighter and less-powerful round than that used for... deer, for example.  Never mind wild boar, of which there are in Texas and if charged by one you definitely want more than one shot -- in case you miss -- unless you'd like said boar to eat you.

And by the way if you think "gun control" is a net positive you're wrong.  Rwanda anyone?  800,000 slaughtered in 100 days and just a few years prior they, of course, got rid of civilian capacity to own weapons suitable to saying "no" to some asshole with a machete.  That was stupid and nearly a million people paid the price -- and its not the only time either.  For those who say "it can't happen here" not only can it happen we just went through two years with a decent percentage of the nation advocating killing anyone who wouldn't take a poison shot so I suggest all of you gun grabbers shut the fuck up unless you intend to come try to take those guns personally, in which case the phrase "fuck around and find out" seems appropriate.  Having been threatened by a decent percentage of the population with literal extermination for the last year and change I consider that threat to be quite credible -- and so should you.

But then again crazy is what we've become in this nation, haven't we?  We consider either turning alleged schools into prisons where kindergarteners can all enjoy instruction on the joys of gay sex from perverted asshole adults (when not one of said kids knows of any use for a penis besides pissing unless their local priest or "public library drag queen story hour peddler" has been buttfucking them) or putting signs on the door that say please come in here and kill everyone; nobody is armed.  Our great sign prevents your entry with a weapon -- say much less an SUV in the parking lot doing your best "bowling" imitation.

Oh, and the latest proposal from our feral, felonious assholes in DC?  If your school refuses to teach six year olds about the joys of buttfucking and cutting off their penis' no federal school lunch money.

Save me the outrage folks and turn it on yourself, pharma, your local doctor's office and our sick society that promises that you too can have peace and prosperity -- right after you're bankrupted and the lights go out because you thought "green" was "free."

You not only made and are part of the crazy you are still inviting the drug gangs into our nation wholesale through the border 50 miles from where this took place, never mind all the rest.

All these incidents prove is that if you're going to be that much of a douche everyone had damn well better be armed all the time.  If you insist on making and promoting zombies then by God I insist on a full-capacity magazine stuffed with silver bullets to dispatch the assholes you created when, not if, they decide today would be a good time to try to eat me for lunch.

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