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User Info Supply Chain Insanity; entered at 2022-05-13 08:34:28
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So 2 infants die and we shut down the factory.

Not downplaying the seriousness and tragedy of those losses in any way....BUT

How many have been killed or injured by the clot shot ? Yet were still pimping that mofo like there is no tomorrow, ignoring all safety concerns, and signals and refusing to acknowledge the idea that there may be a very bad problem with them.

We truly live in opposite bizzarro world.

Now for all the people talking about formula shortages. Instead of demanding that govt or somebody else "do something" about this "immediately", get off your ass and take action on your own. Quit demanding that govt fix a problem that they created which makes you ever more dependent on them to solve all your problems.

Oh BTW what was fed to newborns before all this formula was around all neatly prepackaged ? JHC will somebody talk to their grandmothers or great grandmothers and ask them what they used back in the day to supplement if they were unable to nurse.

Big boobs are everywhere and yet none of them are capable of providing milk or they just cannot be inconvenienced by using them for their designed function? Just more brain dead looking to only enhance their looks for social media exposure while damaging their natural ability to provide nourishment to your own flesh and blood.
2022-05-13 08:34:28