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User Info Student Loan 'Forgiveness'?; entered at 2022-04-30 11:20:18
Posts: 504
Registered: 2021-09-12 Jacksonville
@Tickerguy - Bravo. smiley
it is simply this -- you do not have a right to keep something you contracted to pay for and then didn't. That's the beginning and end of it.


Straight shooters always pay the price themselves (if it's worth paying).
Grifters want the other guy to pay, until they become the other guy.

Sooner or later, the theft stops because the other guy gets tired of being fucked and ending up with nothing.
And like you've said before, no one works for free.

Maybe these students should listen to this:
You can't get something for nothing; you can't have freedom for free.
You won't get wise with the sleep still in your eyes, no matter what your dream might be!
- Rush
2022-04-30 11:20:18