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I agree with others. This may be your best post ever. It is very clearly the product of careful thought and diligent study. I will save a copy and share with my family.

Science is not dogma. Dr. N is spewing dogma. I sincerely doubt he is better read on the subject when compared with you. Does anyone else remember Vioxx? I do. The drug killed roughly 38,000 Americans before it was pulled from the market. It resulted in one of the largest multi-district litigation (MDL) cases in history. Does anybody remember the Tuskegee airmen? A human medical experiment carried out by the FDA for 40 years after the entire planet endorsed the principles set forth in the Nuremberg code. Disgusting and evil.

These courageous souls are to be commended. They are not contributing to the government's loss of credibility, the medical profession's loss of credibility, or the media's loss of credibility. These folks are doing a fine job of that all by themselves.

All of this is anecdotal but I have a rare Neuroimmune disorder/disease. I steadfastly refuse this experimental gene therapy because I do not need another autoimmune condition. I finally contracted the Omicron early this year. Fortunately, a brave nurse practitioner prescribed Ivermectin which I took for prevention along with a host of vitamins/supplements. I ramped up Ivermectin/supplements as instructed. My experience with the virus was mild. I was quite sick for 48 hours. It was far milder than a past seasonal flu.

I cannot believe there are medical doctors who will say out loud "your illness would have been worse had you not taken the jab." That notion is unknown and quite possibly unknowable.

You cannot disprove a negative. Experience teaches me that when a person places you in a position that requires you to disprove a negative, that person is a devious, unapologetic liar.

Meanwhile, our local hospital (a well respected and large hospital) has beds lined up in the hallway. But NOT with Covid cases. This from an RN on the inside. Patients waiting on a gurney in the hallway are being told to be thankful that they are in the hallway because that means there are many people in worse condition.

Denial, it seems, is a helluva drug.....
2022-03-17 11:02:46